Lineage- (Chita piss x Scott’s OG x Golden Goat) Seeds



Description- as your on a hike in the jungle you come across a strange creature lurking in the woods but as it gets closer a strage yellow cloud from a cheetah comes from what looks to be its rear end as if sending a distress or warning symbol. but were not scared are we? so we go in closer to study the oddity. as soonas its within 10 feet a musty voice speaks out how dare you come to my jungle thinking you can come in here and not have anything to roll with. luckily i keep that thang on me so i pull out one of the finest leafs i think the cheetah has ever seen because it suddenly surrendered and as it did little nuggets of glowing sticky goodness and long story short that how lemon cheetah came to be. so do yourself a treat and grow some of this heat.


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