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Cannabis seed by Yankee Seed

Autoflower catagory Bobber berry Fem 5 pack 60$

This is a cross of original lowryder and blackberry Autoflower Seeds.

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Northern King Autoflower Seeds

This was made by crossing Northern Lights and Bobber berry Flowers 70-110 days
Can produce 12-14 ounces/plant

ICEE Pie Autoflower Feminized Seeds

Created by crossing a lemon Pie and bobber berry.  Produces beautiful hard buds soaked in THC crystals and can produce up to 8 Ounces/plant

MAC’d out Seeds

10 seeds (ECSD) x (Goji OG x (MAC x ZCube).  Finest Quality Canniabs Seeds.

Kosher King OG Seeds

10 seeds ((Goji OG x (MAC x Zcube)) x (kings juice x funeral cake). The best quality cannabis seeds.

Hella Wedding Autoflower Feminized Seeds

This was created by crossing Yoshi wizard Yankee seed genetics with sour apple autoflower and can finish 70-80 days with strong gas grape profiles.  Producing up to 7 ounces/plantings.

ICEE Auto Feminized Seeds

Created by crossing a lemon haze Autoflower with bobber berry autoflower and produces uniform solid buds with a great taste and can yield up to 10 Ounces/plant 

Cannabis seed by Yankee Seed

Yoshi Wizard Autoflower Feminized Seeds

Was created by using wedding cake and bobber berry and crossing that with pebbles punch that was also crossed with bobber berry and the results are amazing and has a pretty quick finishing time of 60-75 days with up to 8 ounces/plant and up to 31% THC